Bullying does not make CENTS



If we were to have a brainstorming session about the effects of workplace bullying the following words/phrases are sure to make it on the list:

  • Reduced efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • Increased absenteeism, sick leave and staff turnover
  • Poor morale
  • Increased worker’s compensation claims
  • Negative publicity
  • Stress, anxiety or sleep disturbance
  • Depression
  • Isolation

Much emphasis is placed on the emotional effects of workplace bullying. When people talk of the financial effects, reference is usually made to decrease in productivity which ultimately leads to job losses.

 Financial strain can make a huge negative impact on a person’s mental health and sense of well being. It is linked to increased incidence of domestic violence, substance abuse, divorce and a disruption of normal childhood development.

The employer’s financial status can also be dented by the effects of bullying. When an allegation of bullying is made, the employer loses money when the victim takes time off due to stress, counselling paid for by the employer and the time spent discussing the allegation and how to deal with it.

Once it has been established that bullying occurred, formal investigations will start. These investigations cost money in that interviewers and advisors have to be paid. There could also be mediation and court costs involved.

If found guilty the employer loses more money in payouts, relocation costs and staff replacement costs. There are also costs involved  in the development of improving bullying prevention policies and training.

Bullying costs money. The prevention of workplace bullying should be at the top of the priority list. It is therefore prudent for employers to ensure that the workplace is “Bully Proof”. NBI can help employers to ensure that their work culture promotes good relationships, effective management, strong leadership, clear expectations, clear policies against bullying and that there are processes in place if bullying does occur.

Our workshop programmes and awareness presentations clearly define bullying. It should be noted that certain behaviours that may present as bullying may require other forms of intervention such as individual counselling. We also offer step by step group activities that will help participants to build their customised safe and positive climates for workplaces.

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