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How Having A Dog Can Help Your Child Cope With Bullying

Bullying continues to be a problem in schools all over New Zealand. According to recent data, 26% of students said that they experienced at least one of six bullying behaviours several times a month over the previous year. The report also indicates that students are resorting to psychological or emotional bullying rather than outright physical violence, […]

Workplace bullying a blight?

The NBIT practical training and seminar on workplace bullying is popular and we are pleased with the positive feedback from the participants. The training focuses on awareness (definition, employee/employer obligations, case studies, review and discussion on productivity cost due to psychological violence, work culture inventory and formulation of an anti-bullying agreement. The program is about […]

Schools on Auckland’s North Shore visited by celebrity

The American singer was brought here by the No Bullying Initiative Trust and held a series of anti-bullying roadshows in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki and Hawke’s Bay. O’Connor spoke at Glenfield College and Carmel College on Auckland’s North Shore on November 23 as part of her tour. The tour aimed to increase awareness of bullying […]

The Mental and Physical Impact of Bullying

The Mental and Physical Impact of Bullying By Emma Mills 1 Bullying in the workplace can be defined as a recurring form of harassment that takes place on a regular basis against an individual. The Workplace Institute found that 25% of all employees have experienced bullying in the workplace. The repeated belittling with the intent […]

Celebrity shares anti-bullying message with students

Those who are familiar with the Disney and Nickelodeon Channels on TV will recognise the name Meredith O’Connor, who is an internationally known singer and actress from the USA. However, they may not realise that the teen icon is also an advocate for anti-bullying, and has recently brought her world tour ‘I Am’ campaign to Waiau […]

Meredith O’Connor World Tour – New Zealand

Don’t Miss Out On Meredith’s anti-bullying world tour in New Zealand. Immediately after her show in Taranaki on Friday, we received an email from a young girl saying: “Meredith O’Connor signed my hand today and her music helped me a lot….” A lifetime isn’t forever, so take the first chance, don’t wait for the second […]

Pop star Meredith O’Connor’s “Anti-bullying world Tour” Headed to New Zealand

Meredith O’Connor’s Anti-bullying world Tour dates with NBI New ZealandNovember 16 -17 — Inglewood, New Plymouth (Taranaki)Nov 18 — Napier, Hawke’s Bay Nov 21 -22 — Hamilton & Waikato Nov 23 -25 — Greater Auckland We are delighted to announce a series of major anti-bullying roadshows in Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki and Hawke’s Bay regions with […]

President Barack Obama, bullied as a kid

President Barack Obama confessed being bullied as a kid “Bullying isn’t a problem that makes headlines every day, but every day it touches the lives of people all across the country,” Mr Obama said, noting a growing movement among young people to combat youth harassment. The US President Barack Obama confessed that he was taunted […]