NBIT is a registered non-profit organisation – CC52523 – details @ Charities Services

  • Access to International Bullying Prevention Practices
  • We are proactive to stakeholder engagement
  • Responsive to Community needs
  • We host & manage bullying prevention conferences
  • We promote National Bullying Prevention activities
  • We support and provide evidence based resources to parents and their children
  • We assist employers with policies on Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • We promote fairness, justice and dignity at work
  • We run evidence-based workshops on preventing bullying and harassment at workplace
  • We promote collaboration between employers and employees to prevent bullying
  • We help employers to reduce productivity cost from bullying
  • We train and coach ant-bullying ambassadors in schools
  • We work with schools to help understanding bullying & best practices
  • We use ecological systems to respond to bullying incidents
  • We promote Restorative practices to address bullying among students
  • We promote music motivational speakers in schools (Brothers' keeper program)
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