not a new phenomenon



Bullying is not a new phenomenon. It has always existed over the years across the generations of humanity. Bullying behaviours and tactics are however, more sophisticated and complicated as the humanity’s greatest desire to belong and connect is growing through the use of modern technology and social media. Bullying is not only an individual issue, but a family issue, a national issue and global issue. Technology is increasingly becoming our enemy, yet it is connecting the humanity’s greatest desire to belong, see each other through video links, hear each other through VoIP, share what we love via emails and above all, we are all connected to the global village. The Initiative envisages a New Human history where our generation and next generation will enjoy a safe and a free bullying environment in our private and public lives. Stopping the bullying behaviours using modern technology is our competitive advantage to sustainable solutions against bullying. Our Policy, Research and Development team is critical to NBI’s ability to combat bullying and the future development of innovative delivery of best practices in counselling and advocacy.